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Emerald Home Design

Emerald Home Design

(Pricing does not include wind and seismic engineering if required)

Residential Plan Drafting

New Plan Type A* $1.10 per SF
New Plan Type B* $1.30 per SF
Update to New Code $240.00
Update Plans over 6 yrs old $1200.00
Single Unit to Duplex $800.00
Basic Site Plans $120.00
Basic Rendering $50.00
Rendering w/Landscape $180.00 to $800.00
Hourly Work $80.00 per Hour

Remodels and Additions

Building and Lot Setup $800.00
Remodel or Additon Area $1.10 per SF
Addition Over Existing $2.20 per SF
I am not available for site visits

*Type A price is for homes that are fairly simple structurally. This price applies to most builder spec homes and usually applies to homes under 2600 sf.

*Type B price is for homes that are more complicated structurally. Custom homes larger than 2600 sf would usually qualify for this price. Depending on design, homes smaller than 2600 sf may be subject to this price also.