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Site Plans

Currently I offer limited service for site plans. Site plans are provided as drafting only. It is the builder's resposnibility to research and provide me with accurate information. A site survey map is necessary.

A Preliminary Site Plan should be done at the beginning of most jobs to verify the parameters of the building envelope. There is no fee for a preliminary site plan if you are purchasing a building plan and you provide a lot survey with information about required setbacks and easements. For multiple lots, additional preliminary site plans will be billed at $80.00 each.

Submittal Site Plans are provided as a limited service. A basic site plan will show lot lines, setbacks, easements, building placement, drive / walkways, and impervious surface. My fee for a basic submittal site plan is $120.00. Many jurisdictions require more information and will be billed at an hourly rate of $80.00 for drafting. I do not provide calculations or design for drainage and surface water management.

Generally the site plan that I provide is not sufficient for permit submittal. Please check with your building department.